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Certain medications have sexual side effects, although switching to another drug might not be an option.

If delayed ejaculation only happens in certain situations—for example, you can ejaculate while masturbating, but not during sex—it could have a physiological cause.

But the big bad brutal bulldog Don (Kingsley) has been sent to convince him to do One Last Job. So why are you still bloody sitting there, you steaming c***?!!!

The plot couldn't be any simpler: retired gangster Gal (yes, that's his name) is happy lounging around the pool at his Spanish villa with the woman of his dreams and a drink in his hand. Suffice to say, the brilliant performances (Ray Winstone and Ian Mc Shane in particular) and the amazingly slick editing make every second of Sexy Beast a kinetic foray into surrealism and a tour de force of epic proportions for Kingsley.

(Just like your mother told you, no one's perfect.) During an erection, blood vessels relax and open, allowing blood to rush into your arteries; the blood gets trapped from the pressure and forms your erection, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

It's best seen in the scene of Dee Dee laying in bed as Don criticizes her in front of Gal. Through a series of side-splitting negotiations and irrevocable acts, retired crook Gal is forced to shake off the rust and accept one last mission, put forth by the menacing Logan, his ex-mentor. A heist of legendary proportion and personal implications, this job should make for one hell of an encore. You, sir, are experiencing one of the many drawbacks of liquor: The ever-so-aptly-named "Whiskey dick." It's not just whiskey, though: Alcohol, aside from acting like a poison when you consume too much of it, is a depressant.So while all those beers and shots might pump up your desire to have sex, heavy drinking definitely limits your ability to do so. And if you’re struggling to limit your binge drinking, consider this: Heavy drinking proportionately increases your risk of erectile dysfunction, according to research published in the heads in this case—you should feel your constraint and good judgment kicking in. You Can't Finish If you experience delayed ejaculation—meaning that at least half the time you have sex, you can go to town for 30 to 60 minutes and nothing happens, or you can’t ejaculate at all even though your erection is normal—it could be due to internal and external factors, the National Health Institute says.

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